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  • Pain don´t hurt

    995 SEK

    We’re not sure how true this statement is. The betting is that you’re sure to get the question asked when wearing it, but nothing says ‘I’m here’ more than this! PAIN DONT HURT comes in sleek colour mix of denim blue and yellow. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate has our signature, playful and slightly offensive approach to start the conversation.

  • The dude abides

    995 SEK

    You’re the yes man and the first one to say ‘I’m In’. Accepted, understated and effortlessly cool. THE DUDE ABIDES comes in very sleek three tone colour mix and is designed as the ultimate beach cap. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate is printed in yellow and light blue for a very chilled approach.

  • Clever girl

    995 SEK
    Just saying!

    Pure power and a tongue-in-cheek option for any man or woman. Who cares? With Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in a white with baby blue letters this cap has a sleek approach and a perfect match with worn, relaxed denim.

  • Are you not entertained

    995 SEK
    Are you not entertained??

    It’s a cry for recognition or an admission that you may have gone too far. Whatever the reason in your own crew, this cap requires the head of the leader. Time to show your credentials.

    Featuring a miniature aluminium embossed plate printed in a blue with orange letters with our unique design giving it that must-have style accessory.

Why so serious?

Make a statement with why so serious

Why so serious?

Make a statement with why so serious

Popular caps

Have a look at our caps

  • El Patrón Black

    995 SEK
    Simply the boss.

    As the first cap we ever produced, El Patrón Black was designed to make a bold statement. Its miniature aluminium embossed plate printed in black and yellow signals to your peers that you’re the boss – and a stylish one at that!

  • Why so Serious? Black

    995 SEK
    Yeah, why so serious.
    Sometimes you have to just come out and say it….Why are some people so serious? We want to make a stand and ask the question. So following on from the success of our cap carrying the same slogan, we’ve added it to the beanie range. So if you think you’re a fun-loving ‘joker’ (see what we did there). Then this is the headgear for you!


  • Fuck You How About That

    995 SEK
    Do we really need to say something more?

    It’s pretty simple and the perfect cap for those days when you can’t handle other peoples crap – we all have ‘em.

  • We Rob Banks

    995 SEK
    A bit oldschool these days

    We hope you don’t of course and you’d have to be a pretty awful criminal to wear this statement (unless double-bluffing). Guaranteed to activate the imagination of those around you when they see this bad-boy on your head!

  • I Will Make You Rich

    995 SEK
    Investing in you is the smart move

    Whether it be material wealth or experiences that bring out the richness in life – it could even be the perfect chat-up line! Regardless spending time with you wearing this, is worth the investment!

  • I Will Not Die Sober

    995 SEK
    Who would?

    Imagine sitting on a beach club somewhere around the world, having a bottle of wine while wearing a pair of swim shorts, a white linen shirt, some new designer shades, and a cap that simply states: “I WILL NOT DIE SOBER”. That’s RocknRolla! Signal to those around you that time spent in your company will be time spent having fun!

  • You Can’t Handle the Truth

    995 SEK
    A few people actually can

    You might want the truth, but can you handle it? Of course you can. That’s why this line from good old Jack is known the world over and a sure-fire conversation starter. This potential hit in the style stakes is matched only by it’s potential to cause some ‘issues’ when you decide to follow the slogan’s advice. As the famous quote says: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”


  • You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

    995 SEK
    Don´t we all?

    Just damn funny to wear out on the ocean– “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” is the perfect captain’s cap for those trips on a yacht to put the minds of your friends at total unease.

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