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  • If you need a friend, get a dog

    995 SEK
    – Literally do it!

    A Statement with double meaning. You either are a very friendly person that adore dogs or you don’t need more friends so you want to make a statement about that. We at John Hatter obviously prefer that you´re a dog person.

    An image says more than a thousand words and we believe the colors talk for it self.

  • Frankly my dear, i don´t give a damn

    995 SEK
    – I really don’t

    Have you ever woke up with the felling that you´re having a bad day, and just want to tell the whole world to f**K off! Finally you can do it in very civilized matter!

    This Cap is our second model addressed to all fantastic females out there, so the size of the cap is little bit smaller than our other sizes.

  • I own you

    995 SEK
    – No more words needed

    Boom! This simple letters describe this cap pretty good. Make a statement that you´re on top of things and got everything under control.

    I OWN YOU – was designed to come in a brown color that made it match perfectly to black and brown. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in white and orange makes a pretty cool contrast.

  • The truth is i am bad

    995 SEK
    – Yes I am bad!

    You might know it, but it´s not sure that everyone else is aware of that. If you´re bold e enough and full of good confident this is the perfect cap for you…

    I AM BAD – Was designed to be just a little discret, with the navy blue cap and Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in dark green with black letters we think we added some coolness to the cap.

Why so serious?

Make a statement with why so serious

Why so serious?

Make a statement with why so serious

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