• You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

      $ 99
      Don´t we all?

      Just damn funny to wear out on the ocean– “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” is the perfect captain’s cap for those trips on a yacht to put the minds of your friends at total unease.

    • El Patrón White

      $ 99
      Simply the boss on the beach

      As the first cap we ever produced, El Patrón was designed to make a bold statement. Its miniature aluminium embossed plate printed in black and yellow signals to your peers that you’re the boss – and a stylish one at that!

    • The Queen White

      $ 99
      All hail the queen!

      John Hatter & Co. is proud to introduce our first model made specifically for women. There is an old saying that behind every successful man stands an even stronger woman. Whether its true or not, its up to the queen to decide! “The Queen” comes in royal purple and orange colors. The perfect color combination to regally stand-out.

    • There Is No Nobility in Poverty

      $ 99
      If you state otherwise, you´re poor

      Considered to be one of the coolest of our caps. Being true to yourself, no matter what, is the real virtue that we all should strive for. Comes in cool dollar-bill green!

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