• We Rob Banks

      $ 99
      WE ROB BANKS – A bit oldschool these days

      We hope you don’t of course and you’d have to be a pretty awful criminal to wear this statement (unless double-bluffing). Guaranteed to activate the imagination of those around you when they see this bad-boy on your head!

    • I Will Make You Rich

      $ 99
      Investing in you is the smart move

      Whether it be material wealth or experiences that bring out the richness in life – it could even be the perfect chat-up line! Regardless spending time with you wearing this, is worth the investment!

    • Fuck You How About That

      $ 99
      Do we really need to say something more?

      It’s pretty simple and the perfect cap for those days when you can’t handle other peoples crap – we all have ‘em.

    • Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli

      $ 99
      Easiest decision in the world

      Our “Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli” snapback is probably the coolest cap to walk into an Italian restaurant with. Expect the stares as you enjoy your Pasta alla Gricia and a shot of espresso – a nice way to meet other wise-guys!

    • The King

      $ 99
      Embrace your inner majesty

      Not one for the faint-hearted. If you’re going to wear this baby on your head, you are going to have to be full of confidence and ready to go…you are the King afterall!

    • The Queen Black

      $ 99
      All hail the queen!

      John Hatter & Co. is proud to introduce our first model made specifically for women. There is an old saying that behind every successful man stands an even stronger woman. Whether its true or not, its up to the queen to decide! “The Queen” comes in royal purple and orange colors. The perfect color combination to regally stand-out.


    • Why so Serious? Black

      $ 99
      WHY SO SERIOUS? – Yeah, why so serious.
      Why are some people so serious all the time? It’s time someone asked the question. That’s why we printed it on one of our most popular caps. Are you the fun-loving joker of your group? Then this is the cap for you!
    • You Need an Americano with Balls

      $ 99
      Enjoy your beverage

      We’re not sure what this means, but it’s got ‘balls’ and looks cool, so damn-well wear it with pride.

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