• Bad Santa

      995 SEK
      There is always the bad santa

      Bad Santa is our Christmas Edition, only available in December every year. We all love Christmas time but it is always someone who represent the Bad Santa. Is it you or is it someone close to you, that´s the hard question.

      Bad Santa is designed in the classic Christmas colors of green and red, on a black cap to get that Rock n´roll look. It is a true classic that always could be worn during the beloved Christmas time and that make you the coolest person on Christmas eve.

    • Winning is Winning – 100% of the profit goes to charity

      995 SEK
      Our contribution to the next generation

      Designed by John in close collaboration with HRH Prince Carl Philip of Sweden with the main mission to support a campaign against hate speech and abuse on the Internet initiated by HRH Prince Carl Philip and HRH Princess Sofia. 100% of the profit from this cap will be donated by John Hatter & CO to the campaign Nej Till Näthat and to Prince Carl Philip’s Racing Trophy for kids with the goal to help youngsters fulfilling their dreams to become racing drivers.



    • Are you not entertained

      995 SEK
      Are you not entertained??

      It’s a cry for recognition or an admission that you may have gone too far. Whatever the reason in your own crew, this cap requires the head of the leader. Time to show your credentials.

      Featuring a miniature aluminium embossed plate printed in a blue with orange letters with our unique design giving it that must-have style accessory.

    • Clever girl

      995 SEK
      Just saying!

      Pure power and a tongue-in-cheek option for any man or woman. Who cares? With Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in a white with baby blue letters this cap has a sleek approach and a perfect match with worn, relaxed denim.

    • Do You Wanna Play?

      995 SEK
      A statement with many meanings

      Make of this what you will, but whatever the take-out, it’s an invitation to have some fun – not to be worn by the faint-hearted. Do You Wanna Play? was designed in smooth and discrete colours. Its miniature aluminium embossed plate printed in navy blue and white on a light grey cap is what we would say is ‘pretty damn cool’.

    • El Patrón Black

      995 SEK
      Simply the boss.

      As the first cap we ever produced, El Patrón Black was designed to make a bold statement. Its miniature aluminium embossed plate printed in black and yellow signals to your peers that you’re the boss – and a stylish one at that!

    • Frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn

      995 SEK
      I really don’t

      Well frankly we’ve all had days where we’ve wanted to stick two fingers up at the world and stay in bed, well now we have a civilised and stylish way of delivering that message, all in good spirit of course.

      This cap is our second model addressed to all the fantastic females out there, so the size of the cap is little bit smaller than our other sizes.

    • Go ahead make my day

      995 SEK
      Yes, please do that

      An invitation or a threat? You choose, but still one of the most iconic phrases to come out of Hollywood.
      Its miniature aluminium embossed plate printed in a special blue with black letters has an offensive but sleek approach and is a great conversation starter.

    • If you need a friend, get a dog

      995 SEK
      Literally do it!

      They’re not referred to as a ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing are they? The truest of statements and the most faithful and trustworthy of companions….period. Presented in bold colours that give off a chilled urban vibe.

    • King kong ain´t got shit on me

      995 SEK
      I dont take shit from no one

      With our tongues firmly in our cheeks, this cap carries a sense of humour that runs through the core of the John Hatter & Co. brand and the perfect statement to kick-off the banter when out with friends.
      King Kong Ain’t Got Shit On Me comes in a blue front panel with a dark brown mesh. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate is in orange for the ultimate showcase.

    • Martini shaken, not stirred

      995 SEK
      The only way to drink it

      We are in love with the colour-way of this cap, which carries the familiar phrase from one of the world’s most prominent heroes – 007. If you can claim half his success then wearing this cap would have been truly worth the spend. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in light yellow and light blue makes this cap the ultimate gentleman’s choice.

    • Pain don´t hurt

      995 SEK
      NOT FOR YOU!

      We’re not sure how true this statement is. The betting is that you’re sure to get the question asked when wearing it, but nothing says ‘I’m here’ more than this! PAIN DONT HURT comes in sleek colour mix of denim blue and yellow. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate has our signature, playful and slightly offensive approach to start the conversation.

    • Say hello to my little friend

      995 SEK
      No further introduction needed

      It’s an iconic quote that has been heard all over the world. It’s time for you to wear this little friend and show others that you mean business with your headgear! Say Hello To My Little Friend comes in full navy blue with its miniature aluminum embossed plate in dark red with black printed lettering.

    • The dude abides

      995 SEK

      You’re the yes man and the first one to say ‘I’m In’. Accepted, understated and effortlessly cool. THE DUDE ABIDES comes in very sleek three tone colour mix and is designed as the ultimate beach cap. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate is printed in yellow and light blue for a very chilled approach.

    • The truth is i am bad

      995 SEK
      Yes I am bad!

      Another classic for the person that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If you´re bold enough and willing to have a laugh, then this is the perfect cap for you…

      I AM BAD – Is designed in navy blue cap with its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in dark green with black letters adding a certain coolness to the cap.
    • You Talking To Me

      995 SEK
      An offensive conversation starter

      Have you ever felt that strangers are starring at you, I guess now you know why? You Talking To Me is the first statement curated from our second collection and we’re quietly confident this iconic phrase from De Niro’s most well-known character will turn into one of our bestsellers.

    • I Will Not Die Sober

      995 SEK
      Who would?

      Imagine sitting on a beach club somewhere around the world, having a bottle of wine while wearing a pair of swim shorts, a white linen shirt, some new designer shades, and a cap that simply states: “I WILL NOT DIE SOBER”. That’s RocknRolla! Signal to those around you that time spent in your company will be time spent having fun!

    • We Rob Banks

      995 SEK
      A bit oldschool these days

      We hope you don’t of course and you’d have to be a pretty awful criminal to wear this statement (unless double-bluffing). Guaranteed to activate the imagination of those around you when they see this bad-boy on your head!

    • I Will Make You Rich

      995 SEK
      Investing in you is the smart move

      Whether it be material wealth or experiences that bring out the richness in life – it could even be the perfect chat-up line! Regardless spending time with you wearing this, is worth the investment!

    • You Can’t Handle the Truth

      995 SEK
      A few people actually can

      You might want the truth, but can you handle it? Of course you can. That’s why this line from good old Jack is known the world over and a sure-fire conversation starter. This potential hit in the style stakes is matched only by it’s potential to cause some ‘issues’ when you decide to follow the slogan’s advice. As the famous quote says: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”


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