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    • Are you not entertained

      995 SEK

      You are everything, the epicenter in your crew and among your friends and wherever you go. Time to show it!

      Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in a blue with orange letters has an exlusive but sleek approach and is a great showing your surroundings who’s in charge


    • Clever girl

      995 SEK

      No more words needed…

      Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in a white with baby blue letters has has sleek approach and its a perfect match with those denim.

    • Do You Wanna Play

      995 SEK
      – A Statement With many meanings

      Do You Wanna Play could be described as a flirty statement, but It could also refer to Do You Wanna Play Game? The meaning behind that its completely up to the viewer to decided but it will for sure be up for debate what your mean

      Do You Wanna Play? was designed to come in some smooth and discrete colors. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in Navy Blue and white on a light grey cap is what we would say ”Pretty damn sober”

    • El Patrón Black

      995 SEK

      As the first cap we ever designed and produced, El Patrón was designed to make a bold statement. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in black and yellow signals to your peers that you’re a leader. A leader with style.

    • Frankly my dear, i don´t give a damn

      995 SEK
      – I really don’t

      Have you ever woke up with the felling that you´re having a bad day, and just want to tell the whole world to f**K off! Finally you can do it in very civilized matter!

      This Cap is our second model addressed to all fantastic females out there, so the size of the cap is little bit smaller than our other sizes.

    • Go ahead make my day

      995 SEK

      Whatever people do, either if it is a good thing or a bad thing they will make your day. But on the opposite site, it could also mean that someone is waiting for a punch. We leave that for you

      Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in a special blue with black letters has an offensive but sleek approach and is a great conversation starter.

    • I own you

      995 SEK
      – No more words needed

      Boom! This simple letters describe this cap pretty good. Make a statement that you´re on top of things and got everything under control.

      I OWN YOU – was designed to come in a brown color that made it match perfectly to black and brown. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in white and orange makes a pretty cool contrast.

    • If you need a friend, get a dog

      995 SEK
      Literally do it!

      A Statement with double meaning. You either are a very friendly person that adore dogs or you don’t need more friends so you want to make a statement about that. We at John Hatter obviously prefer that you´re a dog person.

      An image says more than a thousand words and we believe the colors talk for it self.

    • King kong ain´t got shit on me

      995 SEK
      – I Dont Take Shit From No One

      Are you the meanest, strongest and hardest in you crew? Even harder than King Kong? Then this cap has your name written all over it. It’s time for you to show the world that you aren’t anyone that people can mess around with

      King Kong Ain’t Got Shit On Me comes in a blue front panel with a dark brown mesh. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate is in orange so that it should been seen who you are.

    • Martini shaken, not stirred

      995 SEK

      The dry martini is truly the gentlemans first choice of drink. This cap should be worn be all gentlemans, and it should never be any doubt about that. Imagine the feeling walking in to a bar and dont have to order a drink, the barman will se you and just prepare it for you. Simple as that!

      Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in a light yellow and light blue makes this cap the ultimate gentlemans choice.

    • Pain don´t hurt

      995 SEK
      Pain dont hurt – Not for you!

      If your strong, your fit and you can do 1000 stomach crunches in the morning then you know that pain dont hurt. Time to show your surroundings that you are a bad ass.

      PAIN DONT HURT comes in sleek color mix of denim blue and yellow. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in yellow and blue has an offensive approach and is a great conversation starter.

    • Say hello to my little friend

      995 SEK
      – No Further Introduction Needed

      This iconic quote have been heard all over the world, it comes with a meaning but we believe it comes with several of understandings. Its time for you to wear and show others that you know your game.

      Say Hello To My Little Friend comes in full Navy Blue with its miniature aluminum embossed plate is in dark red with black letters printed.

    • The dude abides

      995 SEK

      You’re the person that agrees to anything, that dont give a f**k about anything. You’re always mañana to everything and that is your style. People will accept you for who you are and you are always cool.

      THE DUDE ABIDES comes in sleek 3 tone color mix, and is designed as the ultimate beach capIts miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in yellow and light blue has an a very chilled approach.

    • The truth is i am bad

      995 SEK
      – Yes I am bad!

      You might know it, but it´s not sure that everyone else is aware of that. If you´re bold e enough and full of good confident this is the perfect cap for you…

      I AM BAD – Was designed to be just a little discret, with the navy blue cap and Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in dark green with black letters we think we added some coolness to the cap.

    • You Talking To Me

      995 SEK
      – An Offensive Conversation Starter

      Have you ever felt that strangers are starring at you, well now you have the perfect cap to just stare back. You Talking to me is the first cap from our second collection and we are quite confident that this modell will be one of our bestsellers due to the iconic quote it represents.

      YOU TALKING TO ME was designed to make a offensive statement. Its miniature aluminum embossed plate printed in Black and Olive green has an offensive approach and is a great conversation starter.

    • I Will Not Die Sober

      995 SEK

      Imagine sitting on a beach club somewhere around the world, having a bottle of wine while wearing a pair of swim shorts, a white linen shirt, some new designer shades, and a cap that simply states: “I WILL NOT DIE SOBER”. That’s RocknRolla!


    • We Rob Banks

      995 SEK

      Even if you don’t go around robbing banks, you’ll definitely activate the imagination of those around you when they see you wearing our  stylish “We Rob Banks” cap.

    • I Will Make You Rich

      995 SEK

      Whether it be material wealth or experiences that brings out the richness in life – the returns on investing time or money with you is the smart move!

    • You Can’t Handle the Truth

      995 SEK

      Not everyone can handle the truth, because the truth is often too painful or awkward to confront. But not to you.

      As the famous quote says: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

    • You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

      995 SEK

      The ultimate captain’s hat – “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” is the perfect cap for those ocean trips on your boat or yacht.

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